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Our innovative solution diagnoses and monitors respiratory infections in patients within hospital and nursing home rooms, as well as in hospital at home settings.

Providing real-time, noninvasive bedside detection and monitoring, the system aims to indentify the pathogen involved for both inpatient and outpatient care.

Noninvasive diagnostic &
monitoring of respiratory infections

Identification of the pathogen involved
(coming soon)

Bedside use in hospitals,
nursing homes & home settings

Assessment of antibiotic efficacy
(coming soon)

Oversight of patients to prevent
hospital-acquired respiratory infections

Remote monitoring of patients
hospitalized at home

Unmet medical need.


> Rapid etiological orientation to deliver the adequate antibiotic therapy

> Supervise the progression and resolution of the infection, ensuring faster discharge

> Timely assessment of antibiotics’ efficacy

> Monitor patients to prevent hospital acquired respiratory infections


> Diagnostic and prognostic for individuals without access to laboratory tests

> Monitor patients hospitalized at home

Disclaimer: Not CE-marked. Product not available on the market, not for sale.

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Easy to use & self-installation

Patient centric diagnostic solution for respiratory infections

Detect novel gas biomarkers in breath

Identification of the pathogen involved (coming soon)

Noninvasive & continuous monitoring

Early detection through the application of volatolomics

Real-time Data Analytics

AI & cloud-based algorithm

Diagnostic results on hospital platform (coming soon)

Reduce antibiotic consumption

Address Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Reduce cost of care

Enable remote monitoring of patients hospitalized at home