Khaled Abousaleh
13. 09. 23

Revolutionizing Respiratory Infection Detection: Zynnon’s Breakthrough Clinical Study Yields Promising Results

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Schindellegi, Switzerland, September 13th, 2023

Zynnon, an innovative startup dedicated to transforming healthcare through cutting-edge technology, has achieved a significant milestone with its successful clinical proof of concept study conducted at Nanterre Hospital in Paris region (France). The study, which involved 31 patients, showcases Zynnon’s pioneering solution for detecting respiratory infections and accurately distinguishing between infected and non-infected patients.

Respiratory infections pose a significant challenge in healthcare, often leading to misdiagnoses, delayed treatments, unnecessary antibiotic use and lack of respiratory isolation precautions. Zynnon’s breakthrough solution aims to address these challenges by leveraging advanced technology to provide rapid and precise diagnostics, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions to improve patient outcomes.

The clinical study conducted at Nanterre Hospital yielded highly promising results, marking a significant step forward in respiratory infection detection. Key findings from the study include:

Prof. Elisabeth Aslangul, who led the clinical study, expressed enthusiasm about the results, stating, “The success of Zynnon’s clinical proof of concept study is a game-changer for respiratory infections diagnoses. The ability to quickly and accurately detect respiratory infections has the potential to revolutionize patient care and contribute to more effective treatment strategies.”

The collaboration between Zynnon and Nanterre Hospital exemplifies the startup’s commitment to rigorous research and real-world validation. The study’s positive outcomes underscore Zynnon’s dedication to delivering solutions that have a direct impact on patient health and healthcare systems.

“We are thrilled with the results of our clinical study at Nanterre Hospital,” said Khaled Abousaleh, CEO of Zynnon. “This achievement reaffirms our mission to transform respiratory infection detection and provide healthcare professionals with tools that enhance patient care and contribute to more sustainable healthcare practices.”

As Zynnon moves forward, the startup is actively working towards further refining its technology, expanding its reach, and collaborating with healthcare institutions worldwide to ensure the widespread adoption of its innovative solution.

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About Zynnon

Zynnon is an innovative startup at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare through technology. With a focus on respiratory infection detection and differentiation, Zynnon’s mission is to empower healthcare professionals with cutting-edge solutions that improve patient outcomes, reduce antibiotic overuse, and contribute to a more efficient healthcare ecosystem.