Khaled Abousaleh
20. 12. 23

Transforming the diagnostic of respiratory infections: Zynnon hits a key milestone with its breakthrough solution

Press Release

Schindellegi, Switzerland, December 20th, 2023

Zynnon achieved a significant milestone with the successful production of the prototypes of its groundbreaking new solution dedicated to transforming the diagnostic of respiratory infections. 

About the prototypes:

To start with, Zynnon  created multiple MVPs that played a crucial role in conducting a successful initial clinical study involving patients in a hospital setting. The newly developed prototypes mark a pivotal moment in the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and highlights its dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the market. They showcase key features that have the potential to transform healthcare delivery, by identifying the pathogens involved. Zynnon has integrated state-of-the art technologies, know-how, extensive engineering, and medical sciences, to ensure its solution sets a new standard for the diagnostic of respiratory infections in patients. These advancements promise improved patient outcome, streamlined workflows in hospitals, and enhanced care delivery. 

Patient-centric design:

Zynnon prioritizes a patient-centric approach to design, and these prototypes reflect the meticulous testing conducted in hospital environments with real patients, doctors, and care personnel. This process ensures that the prototypes align with the requirements of healthcare professionals and enhance the overall patient experience. Our noninvasive prototype operates bedside autonomously, eliminating the need for intervention from caregivers or patients. It seamlessly integrates into existing healthcare systems and care pathways. 

Market impact:

Following outstanding real-life test results surpassing expectations, the successful production of these prototypes positions Zynnon to make a substantial impact on the diagnostic of respiratory infections in hospital, nursing home, and individual home settings. Consequently, the company will broaden the reach and intensity of its forthcoming clinical tests, spotlighting the innovative features and capabilities of its solution.

Looking forward:

As Zynnon moves to the next phase of development, our persistent commitment to refining and perfecting our solution is a priority. Rigorous testing in both laboratories and hospitals, directly involving patients, ensures that we bring to market a product of the utmost medical value for our customers. We extend sincere gratitude to our dedicated team of researchers, engineers, collaborators, partners, and advisors whose crucial contributions have propelled us to this transformative milestone.

“With these prototypes, we are thrilled to achieve a significant milestone,” declared Khaled Abousaleh, CEO of Zynnon. “This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication of our team, researchers, advisors, and partners. We express our deep appreciation to our indispensable collaborators at CSEM, Ecole de la Source for their firm support, and to Innosuisse for backing this project.”

Disclaimer : Not CE-marked, not FDA approved. Product not available on the market, not for sale.

Zynnon is a startup dedicated to the noninvasive diagnostic of respiratory infections. 

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About Zynnon

Zynnon is an innovative startup at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare through technology. With a focus on respiratory infection diagnostics, Zynnon’s mission is to empower healthcare professionals with cutting-edge solutions that improve patient outcomes, reduce antibiotic overuse, and contribute to a more efficient healthcare ecosystem.