Khaled Abousaleh
16. 12. 21

Zynnon and tilia Stiftung collaborate to validate Zynnon’s solution for Nursing Homes

Schindellegi, Switzerland, December 16th, 2021

Zynnon is delighted to announce that, together with tilia Stiftung, it has signed a letter of intent regarding the testing and evaluation of its Lieberty solution for use in nursing homes and the homes of elderly people who live alone. The scope of the pilot phase will include both the nursing home and at-home care activities. tilia Stiftung will deploy the Lieberty solution across its own infrastructure for testing. In a second stage, Lieberty will be installed in remote locations, in the homes of selected patients receiving home care services from tilia Stiftung.

Khaled Abousaleh, CEO of Zynnon, is extremely pleased with this new agreement: “I would like to thank tilia Stiftung and its management team for taking this important step towards the use of digital health and non-contact heath monitoring. Partnering with a potential client reinforces the credibility and attractiveness of our solution. In view of discussions currently underway, this milestone is likely to be followed by further collaborative arrangements with major nursing home operators in Switzerland and abroad. This is another major step towards accelerating our solution and proving that it has traction in a market with an urgent need for what we do…”

About tilia Stiftung:

tilia Stiftung is a local, non profit foundation offering a full range of nursing home services and specializing in professional complex long-term care, including dementia and certified palliative care as well as neurological and psychiatric long term care. tilias professional and complex long term care at its six care homes in the region of Berne, includes full medical assistance by their own on-site medical professionals. tilia foundation is committed to its core values of truthfulness, authenticity, autonomy and dignity.

About Zynnon:

Zynnon ( is a start-up focused on improving and protecting people’s health using the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Zynnon is developing Lieberty, an innovative non-contact multi-parametric sensor combining health and environmental parameters. It is used to analyse indoor spaces in order to evaluate the risk of respiratory infections. The hardware is used in conjunction with our cloud-based artificial intelligence solution, which generates a Risk of Infection Index and provides alerts as well as recommendations for corrective action. This hardware and cloud solution provides key information for families, offering insights into older relatives’ living conditions, for example, so that they can make adjustments and act faster in the event of an alert. It helps older people to improve their health and safety in the home through the early detection of respiratory infection risks. This is also a valuable solution for nursing homes, where it can stop respiratory infections from spreading thanks to the early detection of risks in indoor spaces.